What is Zyban?

Zyban is an anti-smoke medication that controls the smoke cessation in individuals who are highly addicted to smoke. In fact, in many countries the medication is used as an anti-depressant too and is marketed under different names across the globe. It is also identified by its generic name bupropion. The medication has the necessary capabilities to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms too. People who are struggling to quit smoking can consume Zyban and can overcome the nicotine cravings to a great extent. Experts at smokeatwork.org label this as a best medication aid to control smoke cessation, given its ability to react in the body and produce the necessary positive effects within a shorter period of time.

Duration of the course of therapy with Zyban

Doctors advise smoke addicts to consume Zyban for a maximum time period of up to twelve weeks. There are wonderful testimonies to support the fact the smoke cessation can be controlled within ten days from the start of initial treatment. However, to completely come out of the smoking habit, a minimum of three months’ time period is required. Through rounds of clinical trials, it has been inferred that the medication controls the nicotine cravings to a great extent.

How to consume Zyban?

The course of therapy should be started a week prior to the planned quit day i.e. the patient shouldn’t have quit the smoke habit. Only upon one week of treatment steady state concentrations in the blood levels are attained. To overcome negative health consequences, start the course with 150mg tablets administered thrice a week. If you aren’t experiencing that great effect, increase the dosage strength to 300mg, with 150mg tablets administered twice a day. However, there should be a gap of 8 good hours between dosing frequencies. It is strictly advised to exceed the dosage strength of 300mg/day. A patient undergoing treatment with Zyban should quit smoking in 7 to 12 weeks, if not he/she is most unlikely to respond to the treatment. Hence, there is very little scope for prolonging the treatment.

Don’t break or crush the pill. Instead, swallow it as a whole single tablet. One will have the tendency to smoke during the first week of the treatment. Hence, the target date should be set at the second week of treatment. It is better to consult the doctor if you have difficulty to quit smoking even upon seven week of treatment.

Precautions of Zyban

People affected of certain medical ailments should not undergo the course of therapy with Zyban. The medical conditions are listed below

  • Seizure and epilepsy
  • Anorexia, which is considered to be an eating disorder
  • Those individuals who have abruptly stopped using medications falling under the category of seizures and sedatives.
  • Individuals encountering symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Given its anti-depressant and smoke cessation properties, the medication interact with a host of medicines. And, hence it is not suitable to be administered by individuals affected by majority of the medical ailments. Since it bound to cause seizures in some cases, smoke addicts should be extra cautious in consuming the pill. Those affected of narrow angle glaucoma, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, bipolar disorder condition should consult the doctor before administering the pill. Smoke addicts who are also affected of high blood pressure conditions and are consuming varied types of blood pressure pills should consume the pill in low dosage strength only upon consulting the doctor.

According to the experts at smokeatwork.org, the recommendations highlighted in guide to healthy living mandates individuals to quit smoking at any cost. Hence, all efforts has to be taken to control the nicotine cravings. Zyban is one such anti-smoking medication with immense properties that gradually reduces the smoke cessation.