Overcoming Smoke Addiction

overcoming smoke addictionAcross the globe, there are several millions of people addicted to smoking. And, surprisingly the numbers aren’t at the decline; on the contrary, it is increasing each passing day. Nicotine is one of the worst substances that can abuse a person to a disastrous extent. Since smoking in workplaces has become a trend, there is a gradual increase in the number of working professionals negatively affected by passive smoking.

Smokeatwork.org is trying its best to assist companies in formulating smoke-free policies at their workplaces. Indeed, it has made positive inroads in this noble task. Having said that, every workplace can be transformed as smoke-free, If the smoke addicts make sincere efforts to get rid of smoking. And, that commitment should spring from the bottom of the heart.

However, a positive sign worth observing is the increasing number of people intending to quit smoking forever. On the other hand, smoke addicts are finding out ways through which they can come out of the nicotine addiction. Below, we suggest some simple steps to overcome smoke addiction. Smokers tend to lose body weight as their appetite is suppressed.

A determination is a must to quit smoking

Self –introspection along with determination is highly essential to quit smoking. Make a sincere attempt to find out how smoking is impacting your health, your relationship and lifestyle changes. Start self-questioning yourselves and find out if you would like to live your life as a smoker or as a non-smoker. If you wish to transform yourselves as a non-smoker, lay out the clear reason for it. In fact, that reason should convince yourself extensively. Once you are convinced, you will have the necessary determination to quit smoking.

Figure out the most appropriate reason to quit smoking

Upon deliberating within yourself, you might have got umpteen number of reasons to quit smoking, amongst which there would be certain reasons that might not convince yourself. Choose the most appropriate reason why you want to quit smoking, and engrave that reason forever in your heart. For example, you might want to quit smoking so as to overcome the chest pain. So in such instances, always bear in mind the dangerous effects of chest pain and how it can traumatize your life.

Ready to face the nicotine-withdrawal symptoms

Cigarette smoking ushers in nicotine all throughout the body. Abrupt withdrawal from smoking results in depression, headaches, hunger cravings, tensed feelings and inability to concentrate. Don’t foresee success in your first attempt itself. Nicotine addiction can only be battled in a phased manner. Never lose hope, if you couldn’t control the urge to quit smoking in your first attempt.

Choose the right method to quit smoking

Do you wish to quit smoking at one single stretch or you want to gradually reduce its usage? Be it whatever, stand firm in your choice. Never have double thoughts on your decision. If you want to control smoking gradually, set a time frame. You need to define, how much you are going to reduce its usage per day. For some, it can be one cigarette once in two days, others might set a target to smoke only four cigarettes in a week. Never take hair loss pills like Propecia whilst consuming anti-smoke medications.

These five steps can help you battle cigarette addiction successfully. However, you can expect to witness positive results in the immediate period of time by taking medication alongside practicing these steps. The medication recommended for overcoming smoke addiction is

There are other non-medication routes to overcome smoke addiction too. Those are

Smoke addicts seeking exclusive guidance on overcoming nicotine addiction can feel free to contact our online representatives at Smokeatwork.org. Never undergo any arthritis pain-relief treatments whilst under course of therapy with anti-smoking medication.

Join us in creating smoke-free workplaces.