E-Cigarettes, otherwise known as electronic cigarettes or vaporizer cigarettes that emit flavored vaporized non-nicotine instead of smoke. It is considered to be an alternative for tobacco smokers who don’t wish to inhale the smoke. E-cigarettes are basically a device that is battery-operated. It offers sensation that is experienced whilst inhaling tobacco smoke. Almost, majority of the e-cigarettes are re-usable with rechargeable facilities. The cartridges can be refilled and hence it is ideal for reuse. The appearance of E-cigarettes are identical to that of a conventional cigarette. It looks like pipe or ballpoint pens. Manufactured in china during the year 2004, E-cigarettes are more frequently used in the western world. The inventor of e-cigarette is identified by the name Hon Lik, a pharmacist by profession.

Working mechanism of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes function automatically. Once the user sucks it, the sensor gets activated stimulating the heating element which indeed triggers the vaporization process of the liquid contained in the cartridge. However, it is the prerogative of the user to opt for nicotine solution in the liquid.

Components of E-Cigarettes

The following are the three components of E-cigarettes

  1. Mouthpiece: This is known as cartridge which is present at the end of the device. It contains a plastic cup inside of which there is an absorbing material soaked in the flavored liquid solution. The solution can be mixture of nicotine or other flavored liquids. It is mouthpiece that is referred to as cartridge that can be refilled as and when the liquid gets exhausted. Mouthpiece is generally removable in nature.
  2. Atomizer: This in fact is considered to the heating element that heats the liquid thus triggering the vaporization process. The atomizer needs to be changed once in every 3 to 6 months so as work effectively.
  3. Battery & Electric components: Lithium-ion battery is what that is present in these e-cigarettes and which can recharged at any point of time. The functioning of heating element is exclusively powered by the battery. The life of the battery predominantly depends on the size, the environment in which it is operated, type and other factors. However, in older version of E-cigarettes, there is a button which needs to be pressed whilst sucking.

Ingredients of E-cigarette

The cartridges contain many flavored liquids. As such, nicotine is dissolved in vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol and stored in the mouthpiece. The nicotine concentration varies from zero the highest proportion of 24-36 mg/ml. There are some liquid flavors like methanol and tobacco combinations that is more or less identical to traditional cigarettes.

Who should not use e-cigarette?

  1. Individuals who are taking drug addiction treatments should abstain from smoking e-cigarette, and this avoid the risk of any counter reaction with the vaporized liquid. Medications to overcome drug addiction are extremely powerful and smoking e-cigarette at such junctures will aggravate the withdrawal symptoms, as this modern smoking equipment contains various liquids which when interacts with the medication upon inhaling it might trigger unwanted health consequences.
  2. Similarly, depressed individuals are strictly advised not to smoke e-cigarette. Recovering from depressed state is a tough task and smoking e-cigarettes can compound the negative effects of depression extensively. Practicing depression relief tips demands abstinence from certain behavioral habits. And, smoking is one habit that should be completely restrained to. Never get to smoke e-cigarette whilst in a depressed state.

Smokeatwork.org suggests e-cigarettes as the last resort for individuals struggling to quit smoking despite repeated attempts. Smoke addicts can establish contact with our online representatives to know more about e-cigarettes and the pros and cons associated with it. We solicit the support of every individual in transforming the work places as smoke-free.