Use Viagra and Kamagra to treat Erectile Dysfunction caused due to smoking

Erectile dysfunction has always been a setback for men in terms of confidence. While there are many reasons for ED, most men are unaware of the fact that smoking is one among them. Nicotine present in cigarettes causes the blood vessels to shrink thereby reducing the blood flow in the penis.

Even though a man is sexually aroused during sexual intercourse, there will be a lack of high blood flow required for erection. This is called erectile dysfunction and smoking plays a major part for this failure. So it is not only necessary to treat erectile dysfunction but also stop smoking since prevention is better than cure.

According to a research carried out by, Viagra, which is in existence for more than three decades, has been regarded as one of the best medication for treating ED caused by smoking. It counterfeits the presence of nicotine and increases the blood flow. In a similar manner, Kamagra also treats Erectile problems in men due to smoking habit. 

Kamagra can be considered as a substitute for Viagra since both are more or less the same. Both Kamagra and Viagra take nearly 30 minutes to show their effect and would last for around 4 hours after consumption. One of the few differences is that Kamagra is best known for its affordability. Men find it cheaper than the Viagra that would produce similar results.

Viagra – The best solution for ED caused by excess smoking

Viagra tablets

Viagra, for almost 30 years, has been approved as the best solution for erectile dysfunction. There are many factors that cause the impotence problem. Many researchers have found that smoking is the main reason for erection problem in one-fourth of the affected men. Nicotine content in cigars affects the blood vessels and makes them narrower for blood flow. Many specialists recommend their patients to buy Viagra in order to treat the erectile dysfunction that caused due to smoking.

During sexual intercourse, normal erection requires high blood flow to the reproductive organ in men. Due to the narrowing of blood vessels, it is not possible to attain the desired erection and that is what called as erection dysfunction.

Apart from bringing down the sexual arousal in men, nicotine content will disrupt the functioning of neurotransmitters in the brain which is responsible for regulating the erection problem. Viagra medication overcomes the effects of nicotine resulting from smoking. Viagra counterfeit the nicotine presence and relaxes the walls of blood vessels in the organ that increases the blood flow level.

Kamagra – The cheap medication for ED caused by smoking

Lately, a lot of men have been worrying about erectile dysfunction (ED).  Although there are so many reasons for ED, smoking is an important reason. Smoking causes the blood vessels to narrow down. Since enough blood does not flow in the reproductive area, it affects proper erection during sexual intercourse.

We are all aware of Viagra which is being used for the past 30 years. Kamagra is as same as Viagra in terms of functioning. It takes around 30 minutes for Kamagra to create erection, which is similar in the case of Viagra. Effect of Kamagra also lasts as long as Viagra (approximately 4 hours). What makes the difference is the price of Kamagra.

Research suggests that Kamagra is the best substitute for Viagra. Since smokers vary from financially good to financially poor, Kamagra is best suited for all classes of men. Viagra doesn’t seem to be preferred by more than 60% of men with ED due to its high price while even poor are able to afford Kamagra. So, Kamagra can be bought by anyone irrespective of their financial background.

It is found that not all stores sell top quality Kamagra. You can check out about Kamagra on our website for more information regarding exclusive online shopping. You can also order it in your desired stores but make sure you get an authentic one.

Can Viagra be used for treating Erectile Dysfunction caused due to smoking?

Yes, absolutely Viagra can be used to erectile dysfunction popularly known as male impotence caused due to long-term smoking. The active ingredient Sildenafil in Viagra medication will react with brain neurotransmitters and increases the blood flow during the sexual intercourse. For effective results, take prescribed dosage of Viagra before 30 minutes to 60 minutes of involving in sexual activity.

How does smoking impact an erection and how Viagra can help in this situation?

Cigarette smoking produces a major impact on erection during the intercourse. The toxic chemical contents that deposits on the walls of blood vessels affect the adrenaline function. The adrenaline rush plays a vital role in attaining a proper erection. Smoking will affect the health of blood vessels. Even when a person has well operated the nervous system, smoking will definitely affect erectile health. This blue pill called Viagra is found to have the traits if recovering the state of blood vessels in a normal state. Viagra works only if a man is already aroused. It will not assist in sexual arousal; it just helps in managing blood flow level to the organ.

What is the effect of Viagra and Kamagra on men after quitting smoking?

effect of viagraSmoking affects the adrenaline function which plays a vital role in attaining erection. The adrenaline rush is required for proper blood flow in-order to attain erection. If a man takes Viagra and Kamagra without quitting smoking, it will not work to its full potential. They work only if a man is sexually aroused but do not help in attaining sexual arousal.

When a person quits smoking, Viagra and Kamagra will show great results. Smoking causes shrinkage in blood vessels. Quitting smoking will widen the blood vessels and both Viagra and Kamagra will increase the blood flow to the reproductive organ.

Does Age play a vital role here?

Yes, age plays a vital role in using Viagra and Kamagra for erectile dysfunction. It is not recommended for young men who are below 18 years of age. In elder people who are above 60 years, the health condition would not support for better performance of Viagra medication. When compared to elder men, most young men who are above 18 years have reported that they recovered from temporary impotence that caused due to smoking. The sexual desire will go down as age goes on. So, age plays a very important role in the working of medication to get recover from erectile dysfunction.