Implementing smoke-free workplaces for a healthier life

smoke free workplaces is an anti-smoking resource portal with a concerted objective to transform workplaces smoke-free. The underlying mission is to assist corporates in formulating an anti-smoking policy in their respective workplaces. By offering a smoke-free workplace, corporates can ensure the physical well-being of non-smokers while at work and also inculcate practical wisdom to smokers about the dangerous effects of smoking, and bring them out from the clutches of tobacco addiction. The question is all about emulating and implementing a stringent smoke-free policy in workplaces. is the brainchild of like-minded anti-smoking experts, who were once puffing up cigarettes in their workplaces. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Of course yes. A real change can be unleashed only by those who have suffered the ill-effects of smoking. Peer pressure, mental stress, and depression are the causes put forth by smokers for justifying their act. Is it justifiable? No, never. Perhaps, a person can be affected by any one or combination of the above said factors. Whatever be it, there are other wonderful ways and means to overcome it. Anti-smoking experts argue that the commitment and urge to quit smoking should spring from within the heart. We also offer individual specific health assessments to identify a person cause of smoking and provide a treatment that suits them.

Alarming statistics of smoking at workplace

Non-smokers at workplaces are mainly affected due to secondhand smoke otherwise referred to as passive smoking. In the recent decades, non-smokers have been largely affected by medical ailments like lung cancer and heart disease, as they are subjected to inhalation of secondhand smoke. Through a study performed by a well-reputed research agency, it has been found that secondhand smoke carries 4000 dangerous chemicals, amongst which 50 of such chemicals are poised to cause cancer. The health condition of a non-smoker is sure to get deteriorated upon prolonged years of workmanship in a workplace that facilitates cigarette smoking. Smoking is also being a major reason for impotency. Moreover, constant smoking leads to weight gain and as a workplace requires fit and healthy looking people, many people venture to look for weight loss treatments like Velasmooth treatment without even analyzing the side effects of Velasmooth treatment. The only way to protect the health interest of non-smokers is by transforming smoking workplaces into smoke-free environments.

The glorious advantages of creating a smoke-free workplace

Creating a smoke-free workplace has tremendous advantages for both employer and the employee. One prime benefit can be with regards to the health condition of all those in the workplace.

Advantages for the employees

  • Tobacco-free workplace guarantees a healthy work environment
  • Team leads and Managers are empowered with a stringent policy whilst dealing with smokers at the workplace.
  • The distraction caused as a result of smoking during work hours can be considerably brought down

Advantages for the employers

  • There will be a substantial decrease in the health care costs incurred by the company.
  • By clearly formulating a smoke-free environment, the company can showcase its care to the employees.
  • The tobacco-related illness that is bound to be a prominent cause of absenteeism can be minimized.
  • The longevity period of office enterprise architecture increases as it is not exposed to smoke
  • Instances of accidental fire can totally be eradicated

Holistically speaking, an individual’s urge to smoke comes down drastically. On the other hand, the focus towards work will be more which indeed leads to an increased productivity. One in five deaths that occur in the United States is because of smoking. Approximate estimates peg the count at 443,000, amongst which 49,000 deaths are due to secondhand smoking. Erectile dysfunction is also being the major illness caused due to smoking. The need for the smoke-free environment in the workplace is gaining prominence off late, and many corporates have implemented non-smoking policies so as to curb this menace effectively.

Corporates requiring assistance on drafting smoke-free policies in their workplaces can get assistance from our anti-smoking experts with rich expertise in formulating such policies. All the more, we provide some great insights on the need for effective smoke-free policies in workplaces, and some vital statistics on the impact of secondhand smoke amongst the non-smokers.

Smoking and Erectile dysfunction

A lot of men are unaware that smoking can actually lead to erectile dysfunction. Men who are smoking need to stop the habit immediately in order to have good health and also not to have any problem in their erection.To get an erection that is hard enough, the constant flow of blood to the penis is required. If a man smokes a lot, then this process would be halted leading to erectile dysfunction (ED). The nicotine present in the cigarette makes the blood vessels to shrink which eventually prevents the blood flow to the penile area. Even if a man is sexually aroused, if the blood vessels are not healthy it would not cause the erection. To avoid this, it is very important not only to get treated but it is equally important to quit the smoking habit.

Viagra – The best solution for ED caused by excess smoking

pfizer-viagra-pillsThose who have already been affected by erectile dysfunction can take Viagra, a wonderful ED treating medication upon which many men are dependent. Viagra comprises of the essential ingredient sildenafil which acts in the body to relax the muscles found in the blood vessels and enhances the flow of blood to certain parts of the body. This paves way for an improved erection in ED affected men. Viagra is indeed the most sought after pill by many physicians for treating erectile dysfunction caused by smoking. The Viagra pills can be bought online from an authentic online pharmacy in just a few mouse clicks. It is advised to Viagra as directed by the physician to effectively treat ED caused due to smoking.